Sloppy Reflow Soldering

I'm giving a quick talk at $WORK about the genmon raspberry pi project I'm working on, and the scope of that project. Ideally, this will go from problem statement, circuit design, schematic capture, board layout, PCB fabrication and construction. In 20 minutes!

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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Banner

There's been a whole lot of information, good and bad circulating on the COVID-19 virus and what to do about it. I've found some useful resources that you might also find helpful as well. I have tried to include references where possible regarding the sources of information and if you can trust them. I'm confident these data are more useful and accurate than random re-posting on Facebook or other social media.

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PiDP-11 Introduction

Necrocomputing and nostalgia

Behold and enjoy a photo of my PiDP-11, a PDP-11/73 working scale model replica based on a Raspberry Pi running a PDP-11 emulator. Blinkenlights FTW!

You know you want one..

This Photo is my PiDP-11.