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Work on the upgrade of the Fluke 8050A multimeter with a graphical LCD display is now largely complete. More details can be seen on a bunch of wiki pages here. Start at Fluke 8050A Multimeter LCD Display Project for more info.

2016/09/10 15:53 · Louis Mamakos

Going to be hacking with the Teensy and an ESP-8266 Wi-Fi device to interface with the Elk Alarm System's RS-485 bus. More info in the Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems section of the Wiki.

2015/10/18 04:51 · Louis Mamakos

After some follow-up work to replace a small coaxial jumper cable, the Repair of the Three Springs Historical Society Sign has been completed.

2015/05/31 01:57 · Louis Mamakos

I've installed a new wiki with some plug-ins to allow some light blogging action. Hopefully, this will be the definitive place to capture some of my astrophotography, ham radio and electronics hobby activities.

2013/11/12 04:51 · Louis Mamakos